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Looking for premium smooth and creamy handmade fudge? Looking for plenty of flavor and packaging options? Then you have found the right place!

Mission:- We are a Social Enterprise in Atlanta, GA dedicated to creating jobs for people transitioning out of homelessness. We only employ workers from the Atlanta homeless community.

Why: - People transitioning out of homelessness are equally or more qualified than other job applicants. However, most employers do not perceive them as equals.

Now you can purchase our premium packaged fudge directly that over 50,000 consumers have purchased through over 300 retail partners since we cranked up the kettle in August 2009.

A box of chocolates is sooooo yesterday! Escape those doldrums with our Sweet 16 box of Fudge Cups!

Grab it and go with our personal, portable FUDGE FIXX CUPS!

Customize a keepsake Fudge Tin by choosing your flavor combinations!

Crave that one flavor? Throwing a party? No problem as we can make a 3lb or 6lb slab for you in 92 flavors!

Diabetic? Our smooth and creamy fudge in 26 flavors made with isomalt and fructose may be an option for you.